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Commercial and Residential Electrical Services in Bastrop, Texas

At Genesis Electrical Services, we take pride in catering to the electrical needs of our clients/ residents in Bastrop, Texas. We come with several years of expertise in repairing, installing, revamping, and maintaining electrical systems. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial electrical services for your indoor or outdoor spaces, we can help you all along the way.

Our experts can handle the given tasks, from installing new electrical systems to setting up safety upgrades for existing wires to mounting reliable energy emergency backups.

Dealing with electrical system issues on your own can be stressful. So, say goodbye to all your electrical system problems by calling our experts. We're geared to resolve any of your troubles with electrical networks.

As an experienced electric services company, Genesis Electrical Services is well-equipped to carry out basic electrical repairs in your current system or complex wiring installations in your new projects.

Our Electrical Services include:

Here is a comprehensive list of electrical services we provide:

Electrical Repairs in Bastrop, Texas

Never attempt any electrical repair jobs if you've not undergone any specialized training. Instead, leave it to our field experts to find and fix any errors in your electrical systems.

When working on electrical repairs in Bastrop, TX, we ensure to find the underlying issues in the wiring and make efforts to find a permanent fix. Then, we discuss the problems, repair solutions, and pricing with you to deliver a transparent service.

Electrical Service Upgrades in Bastrop, Texas

If you're living in a house built more than 30 years ago, then most likely your electrical system may not be able to take the additional energy load of modern times. So here, what you need is an electric service upgrade as a precautionary measure.

Remember, if you continue with your out-of-date home electrical systems, you're inviting trouble. With electrical fires accounting for a large percentage of home fires, you may want to safeguard yourself. If yes, call us for any of your Electrical Service Upgrades in Bastrop, TX needs. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of more energy in your home.

Panel Upgrades in Bastrop, Texas

With our ever-growing power needs, we continue to add electrical devices into our homes. But the outdated electrical panels are not equipped to handle today's tech-driven times' increasing electric power demands.

Some signs that indicate you should upgrade your electrical panels include wavering lights, melted wiring, warm panels, and weird noises or smells emerging from the old panels.

Simply opt for our specialized solutions in Panel Upgrades in Bastrop, TX, and breathe a sigh of relief.

Dedicated circuits for your home appliances in Bastrop, Texas

We at Genesis Electrical Services strive to be your one-stop solution for any of your dedicated circuit needs. Although your home may have wiring systems for your electrical needs, some appliances require dedicated circuits. For example, flat-screen televisions, window AC, washers & dryers, microwaves, and spas need sole circuits to function, as they consume a lot of energy.

Get in touch with us for Appliances Installation in Bastrop, TX and our servicemen will set up dedicated circuits for your appliances.

Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Lines in Bastrop, Texas

Lighting solutions can infuse fresh energy within the indoors and outdoors of your home. In addition to creating a pleasing ambiance, lighting provides the necessary comfort in both your home and office. So, do not underestimate the importance of lighting.

By working with Genesis Electrical Services, you can leave the lighting setups, repair, maintenance jobs and replacements to us.

Our fully-trained electrical technicians offer a range of lighting layouts that are ideal for your home.

Call us for your Indoor & Outdoor Electrical Lines in Bastrop, TX needs. We are here if you want greater lighting control, or improved lighting, or enhanced energy efficiency, or more security for your residential or commercial spaces.

Outlets & Switches in Bastrop, Texas

Do your existing switches or outlets require repairs or replacements? If yes, then do not delay in calling our experts to fix the switches. With regulators and outlets, energy is delivered to your various home appliances safely. By not taking the necessary action on time, remember you're jeopardizing your life and the lives of your family members.

Contact Genesis Electrical Services for your Outlets & Switches in Bastrop, TX requirements. And you can be sure our electrical specialists will reach your home within the timeline. Our electricians have the expertise in replacing and repairing the current sockets, switches, and outlets.

House Rewiring in Bastrop, Texas

Besides posing as safety hazards in your home, worn-out wiring systems can prevent your devices from functioning to their maximum capacity.

With our House Rewiring in Bastrop, TX services, you can prevent electrical fires and plugin many devices at one time.

Hire Genesis Electrical Services to update your wiring networks in your home or office and stay safe.

Exhaust Fans in Bastrop, Texas

Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom benefit in various ways. From eliminating odors to lowering humidity levels to reducing airborne contaminants to removing fog from your mirrors and walls, exhaust fans are very helpful for your modern home.

Now, installing exhaust fans is certainly not child's play, and you will need professional help to mount exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen.

Do not worry; our service technicians at Genesis Electrical Services are experienced in mounting Exhaust Fans in Bastrop, TX. All you have to do is give us a call to benefit from our expert services at affordable rates.

ASK About Our Smart Devices

At Genesis Electrical Services our electrical service team undertakes panel upgrades, electrical repairs, replacing/repairing outlets & switches, among other electrical words. Apart from that, our experts are well-trained in installing smart devices for residents of Bastrop, TX.

Contact us and ask about our smart devices to know more about our offerings. For our clients in Bastrop in Texas, we guarantee safe, energy-efficient, and economical electrical services.

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Whether you're seeking electrical installation or repairs or replacements for your small-scale or large-scale residential or commercial projects, simply leave the tasks to us. Also, be assured that we are transparent in our ways of functioning and pricing policy.

When you work with us, what you see is what you get, with no hidden agendas or costs.

Call us today to find out more about our electrical services around Bastrop, TX!